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Berimbau Bateria

The Berimbau Bateria is a necessity for any Roda de Capoeira (Angola or Regional).

All of our Berimbaus are hand made in Salvador Bahia, and ship locally from Austin, TX.  The Berimbau Gunga generally has the thinest verga (berimbau stick), the largest cabaça (gourd), and produces the deepest tone of the bateria.  The Berimbau Médio has an medium thickness verga, a mid-sized cabaça, and produces the mid tone of the bateria. The Berimbau Viola generally has the thickest verga, the smallest cabaça (gourd), and produces the highest tone of the bateria.

Before we ship an order, your berimbau will be strung, tuned, and tested to insure that you receive the best paired cabaça and verga possible 🙂

The Complete Bateria comes with :
– 3 Verga (approximately  66 in / 168 cm tall)
– 3 Cabaças – Gunga, Médio, Viola (approximately 22.5 in / 57 cm in circumference)
– 3 Arame (wire)
– 3 Caxixi
– 3 Dobrão (Metal)
– 3 Baqueta de tucum


**PLEASE NOTE** If you are unfamiliar with how to string your Berimbau, please request that we string it prior to shipping. Although this method is NOT recommended (bermibaus should only be strung while playing, and unstrung when not) we are happy to assist those who have never strung one before.


1 × Bateria Vergas

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1 × Bateria Cabaças

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In stock

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All berimbau orders will ship in 2 separate containers (1 for the berimbau vergas and baquetas, 1 for the cabaças, caxixis and dobrões)  Tracking information will be emailed to you when the items have shipped.

All of our berimbaus are handmade in Salvador Bahia, and ship locally from Austin, TX.  Each berimbau verga (stick) has been hand-sanded and lightly varnished in order to preserve the quality and integrity of the instrument.

The top of the vergas have been capped with a thick, circular piece of leather to secure the arame when stringing the berimbau.  The cabaças have also been hand-sanded, lightly varnished, and shaped in order to produce the best quality sound possible for each gunga, medio, and viola.

Please note that all of our berimbaus are handmade in Salvador, Bahia Brazil and may have varying degrees of imperfections which make each instrument unique.

Please visit our Berimbau Lessons page to learn how to play each toque.

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