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Capoeira Luanda Ile Bahia San Antonio

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Borne out of a collaboration between the Carver Community Cultural Center and Capoeira Master/Choreographer Jelon Vieira, Ilê Bahia de San Antonio was created in 1993 to sponsor educational programs and fine art events dedicated to the promotion, appreciation and advancement of African-Brazilian culture, with a heavy emphasis on local at-risk youth. 

Our programs allow San Antonio youth to experience how to be creative with their body, mind, and spirit, while developing confidence and respect for themselves and others. Our specialty is the martial art known as Capoeira. It is a unique blend of martial arts, dance, music and acrobatics which helps instill discipline and self worth. Ile Bahia also teaches and promotes Samba dance and drumming, as well as many other Brazilian art forms. 
Capoeira Luanda 
Capoeira Luanda is an organization that practices, teaches, and preserves the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Capoeira Luanda practices a style of Capoeira known as Capoeira Regional Contemporanea. This style is derived from movements and sequences developed by Mestre Bimba, as well as influences and evolutions of Capoeira from the founding Mestres of Capoeira Luanda.

Capoeira Luanda was founded on April 6th, 2007, after a long process of research and study under the direction and guidance of Mestre Jelon Vieira. Today, Capoeira Luanda has spread internationally with centers and academies in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Peru, Colombia, Italy, and Turkey.

The root of the name Luanda is a homage to Mestre Eziquiel Martins, who founded the Grupo Luanda de Capoeira in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in 1963. Another inspiration behind the name Luanda was meaning of the word Luanda in Yoruba language which means “the junction of the moon and the earth” and “Peace and imaginary land” in the dialect Bantu. Luanda is the capital of Angola and was one of the most important ports during the slave trade when Africans were taken to the Americas as chattel.

Luanda is one of the cities in West Africa where Africans said the last good bye for those who never returned. It was the Africans from the slave trade that contributed to the richness of the African Culture in Brazil.



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