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Apanha Laranja No Chão // Jogo de Navalha

Used by many Capoeiristas and old Masters, this rhythm was used to take money in the roda, that is to say: at a certain moment, some spectators threw

Mestre Ananias in Minas Gerais

Roda de Capoeira with the presence of Mestre Ananias in Minas Gerais.

Capoeira : TEDx Salt Lake City

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Apanha laranja no chão tico-tico

Roda capoeira Praça republica 05/02/2017

Roda do mercadinho

There is a reason this video has over 300,000 views

Uma Vida Pela Capoeira

This film tells the story of the legendary Master Pastinha, Poet and the Guardian of Capoeira Angola.

Capoeira Evolução Batizado

A great video clip of the 2015 Batizado with Contra Mestre Metido and Capoeira Evolução in Austin, TX.

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