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Capoeira Connection Podcast EP : 6

In the Capoeira Connection Podcast EP 6, we sit down to talk with Contra Mestre Marrio of Capoeira Kalunga N’Golo based out of Houston, TX; as well as long fellow Angoleiro, Jaime Torres.

A Brief History:
Kalunga N’Golo is a non-profit 501(c)(3) cultural group available to share Capoeira Angola in classes with children and adults, or in community events.

The group has been active for close to a decade, participating in programs with the Houston Area Women’s Center, the Houston International Festival, and actively teaching under the 21st Century After School Enrichment Programs throughout HISD.

Among the Mucupe in southern Angola, there is a tradition of boys performing a zebra dance, the N’Golo, during the efundula, the celebration of girls becoming ready for marriage and childbearing. The boy who wins the N’Golo is allowed to choose a wife from amongst the new initiates, without having to pay a dowry. The N’Golo is the root of Capoeira. The enslaved Africans from that region that went to Brazil through the port Benguela, took with them the tradition of fighting with their feet. Over time, that which was principally a tribal tradition was transformed into a weapon of attack and defense disguised as a dance. It helped slaves to escape and establish free communities called Quilombos, including Palmares, an African Kingdom in the Western Hemisphere that survived for over a hundred years.

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Capoeira Connection Podcast EP : 5

In the Capoeira Connection Podcast EP 5, we sit down to talk with Colin Van Ert a.k.a – Graduado “Gafanhoto” of Capoeira Nago, owner of Grasshopper Fitness and Nutrition Coaching in Austin, TX.

Gafanhoto is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and strength and conditioning coach. Today we discuss the importance of Strength and Conditioning for the everyday Capoeirista. We hope you enjoy!

Capoeira Connection Podcast EP : 4

Welcome back to another great episode of the Capoeira Connection Podcast. In our 4th episode, we sit down with Mestre Pinga Fogo (Guilherme Torres), a native of Taubate, Sao Paulo, Brazil who started practicing capoeira at the age of 5 with Mestre Quebrinha in Brazil…

Capoeira Connection Podcast EP : 3

In our 3rd episode, we sit down with long time friend, entrepreneur and Capoeirista, Contra Mestre Gringo of Capoeira Luanda in Houston, TX. We explore what it took to build a non profit organization based around the art and culture of Capoeira (The Brazilian Arts Foundation)…


A História Nos Engana – Ladainha

English Translation
A história nos engana, Diz tudo pélo contrario // History fools us, It says everything opposite

Fui ver Maré (Cruzei o rio)

With English Translation
Cruzei o rio, atravessei o mar
fui ver Maré, mas Maré não tava lá //
I crossed the river, I crossed the sea
I went to see (Mestre) Maré, but Maré was not there

Apanha Laranja No Chão // Jogo de Navalha

Used by many Capoeiristas and old Masters, this rhythm was used to take money in the roda, that is to say: at a certain moment, some spectators threw

Se Berimbau Tocar Tu Me Chama

Se Berimbau tocar tu me chama, o meu corpo precisa de dancar //
If the Berimbau plays, call me, My body needs to dance.
(With English Translation)


Capoeira Connection was born out of Austin Texas by Contra Mestre Pena of Capoeira Evolução. Our Mission is to connect our fellow Capoeira Communities through quality information, podcasts, videos, music, apparel, instruments and more. We aim to share our unique views about Capoeira, the journey it has taken us on, and continue to serve our community. is a platform that also provides support to our Graduated Students and Instructors who seek to work with Capoeira long term.

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