Ginga Mundo Capoeira Oakland, CA

Ginga Mundo Capoeira Oakland, CA

3637 Magee Ave Oakland California USA

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Professor Chipa of Gnga Mundo Capoeira association has been a student of the Brazilian martial art of capoeira for 27 years and has been teaching capoeira for 18 years throughout brazil and the world. At the age of 6, in his hometown of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Chipa was introduced to capoeira by Mestre Sabia (founder of Ginga Mundo capoeira). Capoeira gave Chipa an opportunity to be a part of a larger community and develop his own sense of leadership. By the age of 16, Chipa had become a capoeira instructor’s assistant and provided younger peers with opportunities to learn capoeira and continue the tradition of building a strong community. Chipa has traveled the world to spread his knowledge and experience of capoeira in places like china, Spain, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Australia, and now the United States of America. He is a renown capoeirista worldwide and is the champion of the Red Bull Paranae competition in Barcelona, Spain 2016. Chipa arrived in the U.S. In 2011 and has already gained a strong following in the bay area community with his hard work and dedication. Chipa’s continuous work with capoeira has helped children and youth from low income communities gain better knowledge of themselves both physically and emotionally; therefore, improving our community as a whole through after-school programs and get empowered, a non-profit public program.
Professor Chipa provides an exciting and high-energy class that facilitates improvement in coordination, endurance, memory, balance, music, language, core strength and flexibility. He specializes in youth and adult classes starting at age 3. Capoeira is a fun and unique way to explore your body’s abilities.


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