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Capoeira is an art that should be played with pleasure where inspiration and dedication comes from the heart. The capoeirista who starts the game with the intention to hurt his opponent has the wrong idea of what Capoeira is all about.

Students must understand that they will learn movements to improve physical and mental condition, to increase body coordination, to develop greater awareness of your surroundings and to follow the rhythm of the music while maintaining good technique. Capoeira makes all of these seemingly difficult things easily attainable in a pleasurable, social, and interesting environment.

Our classes emphasize all the elements involved in Capoeira as a vibrant Brazilian cultural movement and martial art. You will practice the attacks incorporated with dodges and develop acrobatic movements. You’ll learn how to apply these moves dynamically in the game/fight/match as you play in the center of the circle (called the Roda). And you will learn about the history and culture of the Brazilian art form. Our technical instruction uses a methodology to facilitate step-by-step progress in each and every class. As you progress, you will gain courage and experience and notice improved accuracy and agility, so don’t get discouraged if you are not able to perform a backflip followed by a precise kick on the first day, or in the first week! With patience and perseverance, you’ll definitely make it there.

You wish to become a great acrobat? Your goal is to become a great fighter? …maybe you’d like to be a dancer or perhaps you just want to get a good workout to “burn” a few extra pounds… all of these goals can be attained together in Capoeira instruction. In our class, you can choose the abilities you’re willing to develop, and as you progress at your own pace, we will show you the correct tools for this development.

Each class starts with a brief warm-up, then we stretch (capoeira style), and then divide the class into separate exercises for each of the basic Capoeira movements such as Ginga, slides, attacks, dodges and acrobatics. Some exercises you practice by yourself and others with a partner. The basic exercises target your technique and form, as well as improve muscle memory. More complex exercises combine these simple movements to create game simulations with a partner that encourage fluidity and awareness of your opponent. At the end of each class, we practice together in a group with a short game, or Roda, where you gain experience with the musical rhythm and hone your freestyle ability.

Throughout the classes we develop the musical tradition of the capoeirista through singing and playing and talk about the cultural and historical context of capoeira as well. We seek to inform the students about the roots of Capoeira with emphasis on the United Capoeira Association principles and philosophy in such a way that the learned body techniques work together with the positive mindset gained from knowledge and respect for the sport.



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