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Hello! My name is Tiffany Wolfe, I am 31 years old and live in Michigan. I’ve always had an interest in different forms of movement, especially martial arts. Did a Korean martial art called Tang Soo Do, as a child. As I grew older, I did hip-hop dancing as a hobby, and took yoga and Aikijujitsu classes, in college. 

About 5 years ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook event for a free introduction course to Capoeira, at the Michigan Center for Capoeira. I never heard of Capoeira, but was excited to try something new. 

The introduction class made me feel like a kid again. I enjoyed being on my hands, and interacting with people in a playful way. Capoeira had a vibe, which was very refreshing; compared to other martial arts classes I’ve tried.  

After the introduction class, I stayed to see what the monthly roda was. The mix of the Afro-Brazilian music, the different types of players, and those who composed the circle created an uplifting, and prevailing energy. This was the first time I was instantly drawn to, and felt really connected to an activity.

At the time, I lived an hour away, and worked a lot, so the idea of going to class regularly, felt like a big commitment. Nevertheless, I signed up anyways, and told myself I would just try to make it work somehow.

So, I drove an hour each way to go to Capoeira class, once a week; and then trained at home the other days. A few years later, I moved closer to our current studio, and eventually attended 7 classes, 5 times per week. Volunteered for our Capoeira teens class, and shadowed my teacher, for a few months. Then, I became inspired to teach a beginner’s Capoeira course once a week, at a gym, from January to March 2020. Took Mestre Cueca’s Instructor’s Course over this summer, and received my certification. 

What Makes Capoeira Special:

As Mestre Pastinha said, “Capoeira is everything the mouth eats”. Capoeira can be very nourishing, if you allow it. I am very blessed to have Baz, as Capoeira teacher and a wonderful mentor; and to be surrounded by great people, in our community.  Capoeira is a wonderful journey of internal and external self-growth. It can be a creative outlet, which can help to improve your physical health, mindset, and connect you with diverse groups of people, from all over. Capoeira is for everyone, and can be modified for each person’s ability. It also gives you the opportunity to learn to be present, and leave your day at the door.


Eventually, as you progress more in your Capoeira training, you’ll probably be doing more individual work. Since we can be our worst critics, progressing can involve a mental battle between you and yourself. But don’t give up! It’s okay to enjoy the ups and downs of the journey. We all started somewhere, and still are starting from somewhere, each time we come to a new point, in our journey. Good to visualize yourself completing your goal, and look forward to the satisfaction of completing your goals.

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