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An Atabaque is a special type of Brazilian drum rooted in African tradition and are typically played in Capoeira, Samba de Roda and Candomblê.

Each of our Atabaques are uniquely handmade one by one in São Paulo, Brazil from a traditional barrel style body crafted from solid ‘Madeira de Lei’ wooden planks. The body of the Atabaque is reinforced by iron rings on different levels. The head of the atabaque is made from authentic cowhide; also known as ‘couro de boi.’

By popular design, the Atabaque’s tuning system is made from carefully woven sisal ropes stretched around the body of the drum, with specially designed wooden wedges and a metal ring used to tighten and loosen the the head.


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All Atabaques come complete with tuning wedges and stand.

Atabaque Measurements :
Instrument height without stand: approx. 35in
Instrument height with stand: approx. 44.5in
Diameter of head: approx. 11.5in

In order to tune the Atabaque, simply tap the top of the wooden wedges (with a rubber mallet only); the force on the wedges will impinge on the lower rim by stretching ropes and consequently tuning the leather drum head.
Important: Always remove the atabaque from the stand before tuning, and remember to loosen after playing.

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Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 36 in


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