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EP 10 : Mestre Nenel

“I really hope to meet at least part of the interests of the reader! I do make a point to stress that I am not and do not want to be the holder of the truth. I simply come to share a little of what I conceived from the practical and theoretical lessons that I experienced with my father. I am open to any criticism whatsoever, since they are also part of my growth and maturation in this trajectory of rescue, preservation and perpetuation of my father’s legacy. One thing I hear a lot is that my father created Regional so that it could be developed, and that’s true! But what I barley see is peaple doing it with awareness of the principles that were fundamental to my father. In this book, I want to pinpoint these fundamental issues that should govern every and any proposal based on the philosophy of Capoeira Regional.”-Mestre Nenel

EP 9 : Contra Mestre Monkey

In the Capoeira Connection Podcast EP 9, we sit down to speak with Contra Mestre Monkey (Author of Minha Varanda) via skype. “In order for people to have a deeper understanding of the lyrics to this song, I have come here to offer a translation of the lyrics myself…”
– Contra Mestre Monkey

“Minha Varanda…” – Refers to my home, the place I want to conquer, working with Capoeira.

“Meu Chapeu de Palha…” – Relates to chilling times after this conquest, I wish to have myself, my home.

“Minha Massape…” – Means the mud, hard to cross through, that I shall not forget, the hard times

Minha Varanda

Aqui é minha casa
Minha varanda
Meu dendê

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