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Paulo Lima, better known in the Capoeira community as Mestre Paulo Batuta, first experienced Capoeira in 1985 in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. He began training with the group Capoeira Regional Baiana, under Mestre Milton. In 1990, the school was transferred over to Mestre Cicero and his academy, Capoeira Ritmo Brasil. This school is now better known as Cordão de Ouro, Campinas, a name that reflects a lineage tracing from Mestre Cicero, to the founder of Cordão de Ouro, est. 1967, Mestre Suassuna. Mestre Suassuna trained with various groups including those of the Grand Masters and pioneers in the history of Capoeira, Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha. Thus, the ever evolving Capoeira practiced today by Mestre Paulo Batuta and his students, still holds tradition and influence from the great Mestres of its roots.Mestre Paulo Batuta, came to San Diego in 1997 originally to study English. He trained Capoeira on the side, and soon found himself in a
role as he became endeared with a group that had embraced this Brazilian art form. Before long, he left behind his former career in Brazil as an economist, as he discovered that capoeira had opened a door for him in San Diego.

In the Spring of 1999, Mestre Paulo Batuta (then known as Instrutor Paulo) established Capoeira Mandinga, San Diego with the consent of Mestre Marcelo “Caveirinha” Pereira. Mestre Marcelo, who also comes from Capoeira Cordão de Ouro, is the founder of Capoeira Mandinga and the non-profit organization, Capoeira Institute, Inc., both based in the Bay Area of California. Since then, Paulo Batuta has been the executive director

of both Capoeira Mandinga and Capoeira Institute, Inc. for the greater San Diego area.

Capoeira Mandinga San Diego now offers several classes throughout the week at various locations. Please visit our class page to view our schedule of classes.


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