EP 10 : Mestre Nenel

Mestre Nenel (Mestre Bimba’s Son) released a book entitled “Bimba, Um Século Da Capoeira Regional” in 2018 which provides a look into Capoeira Regional, his Father’s work, and about his own work in preserving Capoeria Regional as Mestre Bimba taught it.

This podcast episode was a great honor and privilege for me to be a part of, and I feel a great responsibility to present the information unedited in it’s purest context.

“I really hope to meet at least part of the interests of the reader! I do make a point to stress that I am not and do not want to be the holder of the truth. I simply come to share a little of what I conceived from the practical and theoretical lessons that I experienced with my father. I am open to any criticism whatsoever, since they are also part of my growth and maturation in this trajectory of rescue, preservation and perpetuation of my father’s legacy. One thing I hear a lot is that my father created Regional so that it could be developed, and that’s true! But what I barley see is peaple doing it with awareness of the principles that were fundamental to my father. In this book, I want to pinpoint these fundamental issues that should govern every and any proposal based on the philosophy of Capoeira Regional.”
-Mestre Nenel

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