EP 9 : Contra Mestre Monkey

“In order for people to have a deeper understanding of the lyrics to this song, I have come here to offer a translation of the lyrics myself…”

– Contra Mestre Monkey

Minha Varanda – Refers to my home, the place I want to conquer, working with Capoeira.

Meu Chapeu de Palha – Relates to chilling times after this conquest, I wish to have myself, my home.

Minha Massape – Means the mud, hard to cross through, that I shall not forget, the hard times


Aqui é minha casa, minha varanda, meu dendê! (1x bis)
Meu chapéu de palha, minha massapê! (1x bis)

Cada um tem sua história
É bom respeitar
Pra conquistar minha varanda, não foi fácil camará.

Aqui é minha casa, minha varanda, meu dendê!
Meu chapéu de palha minha massapê!

Se não sabe a minha história, entre aqui vou te contar
Tem berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque pra tocar
Na parede um quadro de Carybé mandei pintar
E minha varanda é de frente pro mar

Aqui é minha casa, minha varanda, meu dendê!
Meu chapéu de palha minha massapê!

Música: Minha varanda
Compositor: Contramestre Monkey


In February 1992, in a moment of leisure on the edge of the beach of Olinda, Pernambuco, Renato Mendonça da Silva (Monkey) saw a great crowd. At that moment, a simple and humble boy met Capoeira for the first time.
“It was a magical moment in his life, and that crowd to this day has not gone out of his head.”

With financial difficulties, and lack of Sports projects in the state of Recife, at the time Monkey was not able to train Capoeira. In 1994, he met a friend at the school, who trained this Capoeira, his new friend took him to see the Capoeira class, in the technical school (Etepam), a noble neighborhood in Recife.

At that moment, which still counts in verses and prose, as if it were Poetry, Monkey told Capoeira teacher Alan Guedes Alconforado that he could not afford the tuition, and at the moment he would like to see his friend train Capoeira.

At the end of the training, for your second time you can admire the Capoeira wheel. Two weeks later Monkey, the day before his birthday, comments with his mother, Maria José da Conceição, what he would like to win as a birthday present: “Go see Capoeira again.”

The next day Capoeira’s teacher, Alan, once again asked Monkey if he had liked Capoeira, and had returned to begin training. Monkey responds once again that no, as he was unable to pay the tuition, and again would watch his friend train.

At the end of the lesson, his friend shouts out loud, “Today is my friend Renato’s birthday!” And at that moment Professor Alan calls and explains that in Capoeira, on the day of the Capoeirista’s birthday, the Capoeirista has to play on the wheel with all the other Capoeiristas present. Happy and content with what was happening, she did not miss the opportunity to try and do what she had seen in training, and also what her body could automatically do.

At the end of the commemoration, the teacher says, “You can not afford to pay for classes, can you?” And Monkey replied, “No, the strong and strong teacher announces to everyone that from that moment Monkey was winning birthday, a free bag to train Capoeira Monkey at that moment, a simple boy, did not know what to say, macked his eyes, and thanked: “Thank you!” Monkey then began his training in Capoeira on March 4, 1994 , giving continuity to the present day.
In 1999, Monkey and his family moved to São Paulo. Monkey then went to various Capoeira academies to continue his admiration.

In 2001, he met Contramestre Gaguinho, who currently teaches Capoeira classes in the city of Jandira, São Paulo. With Contramestre Gaguinho, he learned that in order to become a Capoeirista, he has to give what Capoeira asks for, and also that 50% who teaches is the Master, and the other 50% is the world of Capoeira that teaches you, according to your effort and dedication.

For reasons of force majeure, in 2003, he resigned from the supervision of Contramestre Gaguinho. Continuing the practice of Capoeira in 2008, decided to undertake a new challenge. The creation of a Capoeira Group with the objective of organizing a work based on their learning since 1994.

MINHA VARANDA CD : https://grupocapoeiragem.bandcamp.com/releases

ORIGINAL ARTICLE : http://capoeiragemsp.blogspot.com/2010/11/professor-monkey.html?m=1

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