EP 9 : Contra Mestre Monkey

“In order for people to have a deeper understanding of the lyrics to this song, I have come here to offer a translation of the lyrics myself…”

– Contra Mestre Monkey

Minha Varanda – Refers to my home, the place I want to conquer, working with Capoeira.

Meu Chapeu de Palha – Relates to chilling times after this conquest, I wish to have myself, my home.

Minha Massape – Means the mud, hard to cross through, that I shall not forget, the hard times

EP 8 : Instrutor Montanha and Graduada Cegonha

In the Capoeira Connection Podcast EP 8, we make our way to San Antonio TX, home of Capoeira Luanda’s Instrutor Montanha and Graduada Cegonha. Both of these amazing Capoeiristas have shown much dedication to the art of Capoeira as well as helping make a large social impact on their surrounding community. Join us as we talk everything from Capoeira to doing good in our communities with these two amazing people.

EP 7 : Contra Mestre Versátil and Professor Mascado

In the Capoeira Connection Podcast EP 7, we sit down to talk with Contra Mestre Versátil of Capoeira Batuque in Las Angeles and Professor Mascado of Capoeira Maculele. We dive into Contra Mestre Versátil’s Warrior Class Project, “Through 40 plus years of experience in the martial arts: Chinese, Japanese, and Afro-Brazilian, we have found deep relevance in the lifestyle of the warrior. The Warrior Class is the culmination of decades of training and teaching experience in the martial arts, movement, music, and dance combined with study and clinical experience in counseling psychology, group work, gestalt, imaginal psychology, and somatic work”. We also get to talk with Professor Mascado about Capoeira Maculele, Mestre Fran, and Festa de Capoeira 2018 hosted here in Austin, TX by Mestre Pinga Fogo.

EP : 6 with Contra Mestre Marrio of Capoeira Kalunga N’Golo

In the Capoeira Connection Podcast EP 6, we sit down to talk with Contra Mestre Marrio of Capoeira Kalunga N’Golo based out of Houston, TX; as well as long fellow Angoleiro, Jaime Torres.

EP : 5 with Graduado Gafanhoto of Capoeira Nago

In the Capoeira Connection Podcast EP 5, we sit down to talk with Colin Van Ert a.k.a – Graduado “Gafanhoto” of Capoeira Nago, owner of Grasshopper Fitness and Nutrition Coaching in Austin, TX.

Gafanhoto is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and strength and conditioning coach. Today we discuss the importance of Strength and Conditioning for the everyday Capoeirista. We hope you enjoy!

EP : 4 with Mestre Pinga Fogo of Ginga Brasil-CDO

In our 4th episode, we sit down with Mestre Pinga Fogo (Guilherme Torres), a native of Taubate, Sao Paulo, Brazil who started practicing capoeira at the age of 5 with Mestre Quebrinha in Brazil.

EP : 3 with Contra Mestre Gringo of Capoeira Luanda

Welcome back to another great episode of the Capoeira Connection Podcast. In our 3rd episode, we sit down with long time friend, entrepreneur and Capoeirista, Contra Mestre Gringo of Capoeira Luanda in Houston, TX. We explore what it took to build a non profit organization based around the art and culture of Capoeira (The Brazilian Arts Foundation), as well as reflect on the path that lead CM. Gringo to his beginning of a wonderful life long pursuit of Capoeira, his connection and support from his Mestre (Mestre Jelon Vieira) and his goals for the future.

The Brazilian Arts Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cultural education and building community through the preservation and sharing of Brazilian culture.
The organization was created in 2001 to preserve and promote Brazilian culture in the greater Houston metropolitan area.  In 2006, the organization established a cultural center in order to further develop and expand its program and performance offerings.  Located in the historic Houston Heights, the center provides a home in which the Foundation offers the majority of its classes and workshops, as well as hosts events and educational programs.

Check out the Brazilian Arts Foundation Website here

Available on iTunes : Listen Here

Available on Youtube : Watch Here

EP : 2 with Estagiario Caju of Capoeira Candeias

In this episode we sit down to talk with special guest, long time friend and fellow Capoeirista, Estagiario Caju from Grupo Candeias to discuss his personal journey in Capoeira, having trained both in Brazil and the United States under both Brazilian and American Mestres, Contra Mestres, Professors and Instructors. We also discuss what it takes to branch out and start your own Capoeira school, and the surprises and challenges that come with that step; Apelidos (nicknames) and their importance, as well as Caju’s Non-Profit Project in Kenya Africa. Thank you again for tuning in!

EP : 1 A History of Capoeira in Austin TX

Welcome to the very first episode of the Capoeira Connection Podcast. In this episode we sit down with Contra Mestre Metido, Contra Mestre Pena, Instructor Negro, and Graduado Cadençia to discuss the Capoeira scene and history in Austin TX.

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